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Jonas Brothers Fan Zone

  UPDATES: Oct. 31 - News.

Demi Lovato Talks About Filming "Bounce"


Earlier this month, the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato took some time out of their busy "Camp Rock 2" shooting schedule to film their funny music video for the parody rap song "Bounce". The


Joe Jonas Wardrobe Malfunction


A Jonas Brothers concert in Connecticut almost turned X-rated for young fans after hearthrob Joe Jonas suffered a wardrobe malfunction onstage.
The 20 year old was left red-faced when a button holding his pants together popped out midway through the band's performance at the Mohegan Sun Casino on 9 October (09).
Things went from bad to worse when his fly unravelled, forcing him to hold his trousers up with one hand and croon into his mic with the other.


"Jonas Brothers Are Really Sweet"


Knowing Jonas Brothers since the filming of "Camp Rock", Anna Maria Perez de Tagle says the boys haven't changed much and are "still the sweet gentleman that pull out your chair and push it back in." Speaking to OK! Magazine about the threesome, the 18-year-old actress reveals, "It's easy to talk to them. They're normal guys, and that's what I love."

"They haven't changed at all. We've all just grown; we've all just aged," she continues, before then adding that she would love to come to Kevin Jonas' wedding to fiancee Danielle Deleasa should she be invited. "I honestly don't know because both Danielle and Kevin are amazing people, and just to see them as a couple is incredible," Anna says when asked about what gift she would give the pair. "I don't know what I'd give them because I have everything already."

Anna, who also stars together with Kevin and his famous brothers Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas in "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam", goes on gushing about what life lessons she learns from the trio. "Just by watching them onstage, I got to see how their stage presence translates onscreen," she claims. "They're amazing guys, so any chance I get to talk to them, I do."

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle is well known for her role as Ashley Dewitt in "Hannah Montana". In the upcoming "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam", which is slated for 2010 release, she will reprise her role as Ella Pador.


Kevin Jonas Bachelor Party Plans


[Press Association]

The Jonas Brothers Kick for a Change


The singing siblings were cheered on by over 3,500 fans as they kicked runs, rounded bases and showed off their athletic prowess to raise money for their Change for the Children Foundation -- which encourages young people to get involved with their communities -- and the HopeLine program, which helps prevent domestic violence.

[Extra TV]

Justin Timberlake's Favorite Jonas Brother


And there were even some boy-band questions on the table. Asked who his favorite Jonas Brother is, either because he wanted to be diplomatic or because he really didn't know, Justin quipped, "It's a toss-up between Sleepy Jonas and Bashful Jonas; although Dopey Jonas is creeping his way up."


JONAS, Season 1, Episode 17, "The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse"


JONAS Video Game



Wal-Mart Soundtrack Arrival & More


Joe won't be on Valentine's Day


Contrary to earlier reports, Joe Jonas will not take a part in forthcoming romantic comedy "Valentine's Day". Setting the rumor straight was the middle of the Jonas Brothers himself. "I actually went for the audition and it was looking really good, but scheduling just wasn't working out," he opened up to Just Jared.

"They were filming in the summer and we Jonas Brothers were touring during the summer," the 20-year-old continued explaining. "We figured it out on our part but it was just difficult because they're working with so many superstars, that scheduling is really hard to adjust than a normal film like if it was just me and a few other people."

Although he acknowledged there is scheduling conflict, Joe didn't rule out possibility of him making a cameo completely. "It's Anne Hathaway and all these other big stars that star in that movie and they have to shift schedules around," he said. "I think we're going to try and do something for that, but it all depends on schedules."

Back in mid-August, Joe has been reported close to joining the star-studded cast of the romantic drama in which his former girlfriend Taylor Swift has been set to star. At the time, it wasn't clear what part he will tackle, but E! Online claimed the singer won't be playing himself.

Chronicling five slightly interconnecting stories occurring during one Valentine's Day in Los Angeles, "Valentine's Day" looks like another intertwining romantic comedy "Love Actually". The initial screenplay was written by Katherine Fugate with a rewrite by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. This movie is directed by "The Princess Diaries" and "Georgia Rule" helmer Garry Marshall.

Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Topher Grace, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Taylor Lautner and Emma Roberts are among the cast members. New Line Cinema will release the movie in theaters across the U.S. on February 12, 2010.


Extra's Needed For Camp Rock 2


Hello there!

Things you need to know:

Here’s what we will need from you in order to register you.


Then, email the following to


JONAS, Episode 16, "Forgetting Stella's Birthday"


"What Did I Do TO Your Heart" Explanatory Video


Latest Tweets: "JBHEARTVIDEO"


New Jonas Brothers Tour Dates


The Jonas Brothers 12 Days of Christmas Tour

JONAS Merchandise At Hallmark!


Hallmark stores are now selling ‘Jonas’ merchandise, there is more merchandise in the stores but above is a picture of some of the things you can buy at their website.
You've Been JO BRO'D!!!


Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (Teaser)


JONAS, Episode 15, "Home Not Alone"


What Nick Jonas Got For His 17th Birthday!


For Nick Jonas, what a difference a day makes.

"It's exciting," Jonas told PEOPLE on the set of
Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam
about turning 17 on Wednesday. "I feel 24 hours different than when I was 16."

Busy working on The Disney Channel movie sequel, the singer did not have time for an extravagant party, but says that's the way he likes it.

"I tend to keep things low key for my birthdays in general," he said. "It's so much attention that it can be a bit overwhelming. But it's nice when people do things to celebrate. I have tonight off and I think we have something planned. We'll see how it roles out."

With his entire family on set, including his youngest brother Frankie, the cast and crew sang "Happy Birthday" to him and presented a light blue vanilla cake with cream filling.

And what did the Jonas brother get for his birthday? A piano.

"It's actually the piano I wrote 'A Little Bit Longer' on. It's definitely got a special meaning for me," he said. "I originally wanted to get a plaque just to put on the piano when I got there saying that I wrote the song on, but the family just decided to get it for me."

The piano was originally located at a hotel in Halliburton, Ontario, where the
Jonas Brothers filmed the first
Camp Rock. It was there where Jonas wrote the song about his diagnosis with diabetes. "I think I'm going to put it in our office where our management team works. So that will be nice. It's a nice piece of memorabilia with lots of meaning."

Besides a piano, the film's production team presented him with a Kettler ping-pong table.

"Nick is a sports fanatic and what he loves to do on tour besides Wiffle Ball, and softball is ping-pong," said
Camp Rock's producer Alan Sacks. "He's a ping-pong whiz!"

Minutes after presenting him with the ping-pong table, Nick was busy paddling away.


JB Will Not Tour With Miley


Kevin Jonas Sneaks Into Toronto Film Festival


It's not all work and no play for Kevin Jonas as he and his famous brothers shoot the sequel to Camp Rock up in Canada.

Keep reading to find out where he went and what he did…

[E! Online]
JB, Chelsea Staub, & Nicole Anderson Interview

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  • SEPT 19TH

    A Fan's Trip To the Set of Camp Rock 2

    SEPT 19TH

    Jonas Brothers & Demi Sing On Top of a Truck

    SEPT 15TH

    Jonas Brothers On Tour with Miley?

    SEPT 15TH

    On Miley Cyrus’ Wonder World Tour the singer has props like tractors, boats and motorcycles, but everyone wants to know: Will the Jonas Brothers be joining the show?

    Camp Rock 2 Promo!

  • Several rows of bench seats were banked up behind each other, with a sloping wooden roof to protect them from the sun and other inclemencies in the weather. All we need is more clang-and-bump deadware on my deck, Carialle said with the noise that served her for a sigh. Timing and knowing when and where to strike are everything. But Hutchinson never came over to see Sampson and I.
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    He had brought them so far from tiny, blind, latent talents to Lale, to Isaac, and even, in a roundabout way, to Anyanwu. What had she ever done to make them believe she was a liar? No dust has settled on that robe; no time has elapsed since that divinity was revealed. The little house, wood walls dark with age, and a roof thickly layered with ferns and dry pine needles, was set back into the towering trees, nestled among rough trunks dark in the day's end.

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  • They might, even if I weren't; you're a much bigger hero here than you recognize. If I'd described the event to anyone, they would probably have said that it was nothing at all, certainly nothing to worry about.
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    SEPT 14TH
    Jonas Brother Pre-Tonight Show Interview

    SEPT 14TH

    MySpace Update

    SEPT 14TH

    Hey Everyone!


    Kevin, Joe & Nick

    [Jonas Brothers' MySpace]

    JONAS 'Home Alone' Preview

    SEPT 13TH

    Nicole Anderson Talks 'JONAS'

    SEPT 13TH

    Remembering 9/11....

    SEPT 8TH

    Kevin's Message About 9/11

    Joe's Message About 9/11

    Nick's Message About 9/11

    Reserve your JONAS dog!!!

    SEPT 8TH

    The fans decided to show their love for Kevin and got #WeLoveYouK2 as a Trending Topic. It was the seconds highest one, the last time I checked.
    Pointless post? Yes. But didn’t it just put a big smile on your face? :)

    Miguel Talks To JB

    SEPT 8TH

    Just to catch you up, Miguel Gandelman is one of the players in the horn section.He's the Brazilian saxophonist of the group.

    Have you ever worked with a phenomenon like them?

    Is it always like that?

    How long are still going to play with the Jonas Brothers?


    Niagra Falls - New JB Blog

    SEPT 8TH

    Hey Everyone!

    Kevin, Joe, Nick

    [Jonas Brothers' MySpace]

    New JONAS Episode!!!

    SEPT 8TH

    Keep It Real Music Video

    SEPT 8TH

    New House For the Jonas Brothers

    SEPT 4TH

    The Jonas Brothers have a new crib to make music.

    [US Magazine]

    Kevin's Best Man Turns Into Best Men

    SEPT 4TH

    Joe and Nick Jonas now know just who is going to be the best man at Kevin's wedding to longtime girlfriend Danielle Deleasa. And, no, he didn't decide to pick littlest brother Frankie.

    SayNow Message From Joe Jonas

    SEPT 3RD


    SEPT 3RD

      Hey Everyone!

    Kevin, Joe and Nick

    [Jonas Brothers’ MySpace]

    Recent Tweets From the Boys:

    what an amazing sunrise

    Jonas Brothers Sign & Give Guitar To Fan

    SEPT 2ND

    My daughter, Kiarra, made a sign saying ‘I gave up presents for a year to sit here’ and Kevin noticed it at the Toronto Soundcheck. They invited her up to the stage to play musical chairs and then serenade her and four other girls. At the end of the song, Nick came out with a gift for her. I figured it would be a t-shirt or something simple. But no, it was his Gibson, replica of the 1959 Melody Maker. All the boys signed it and gave it to her. They gifted my daughter with the most exciting day of her life. They are the sweetest and will always hold a very special place in my heart.

    [Jessica - JonasHQ]

    JB Delivers Summer Treat

    SEPT 2ND

    [The Star]

    Ottawa Concert Review

    SEPT 2ND

    The Jonas Brothers will have to be declared a threat to healthy hearing if this fan screaming thing keeps up.


    “I feel like going real crazy tonight,” Joe added.

    [Jam! Music]

    Jonas Brothers Rock Toronto!!!
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    AUG 31ST

    The Jonas Bros won't be attending the MTV VMAs this year -- but that's not because Russell Brand is hosting again.

    [US Weekly]

    Jonas Brothers Rock Toronto!!!

    AUG 31ST

    Jonas Brothers pulled into Rogers Centre last night, delighting 55,000 shrieking, screaming fans as the teen pop phenoms brought a huge production with them.

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    [Jam! Showbiz Music]

    Tweets Of the Day

    AUG 31ST

      From JB & their band



    AUG 30TH

    Jonasbrothers Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing great as we finish the summer and the first leg of our JB 2009 WORLD TOUR. It has been an amazing summer. This has been our most successful tour so far. We have been in front of more than 1 MILLION PEOPLE in the last 2 months. Today we are in Montreal. The fans are almost as excited as we are! Should be fun!
    TOMORROW we go back to MuchMusic for an interview and also introduce Honor Society to everyone here in Canada. After MuchMusic we head over to Rogers Stadium for our largest show of the tour – over 55,000 people!!!
    Here is the info for the MuchMusic appearance: Jonas Brothers & Honor Society…LIVE @ MUCH!! Sunday, August 30th @ 3pm EST 299 Queen St. West, Toronto. Head over to for more information. Hope we see you guys there!
    Thank you all for the best summer of our lives!!!!!

    It was broken down into a few parts but I combined it all together for you guys. :)

    South American Tour 2009 - Disney Channel Argentina

    AUG 29TH

    Lights, Camera, Take Action - Behind the Scenes

    AUG 29TH

    Jordin Sparks Would Love To Sing At Kevin Jonas's Wedding

    AUG 28TH

    Although Jordin Sparks, who recently became one of the opening acts on Britney Spears’ Circus tour, has yet to get her invite in the mail to Kevin Jonas’ possible winter wedding to Danielle Deleasa, she’s already planning what she might sing if Kevin decided to hire her as the wedding singer.


    "Send It On" Backstage Videos

    AUG 28TH

    Winter Wedding?

    AUG 25TH

    Kevin Jonas is likely to have a winter wedding to fiancee Danielle Deleasa, according to his younger brother and bandmate, Nick Jonas.


    Radio Disney Takeover

    AUG 25TH

    Zac Hanson: "I'll Take All Three Of Them On"

    AUG 25TH

    PW: As three brothers in the music business, what do you think of the Jonas Brothers phenomenon in pop culture?
    ZH: Hmm.
    PW: They referenced you guys in a song, too, something about popping and locking.
    ZH: I know. I don’t know really know anything about them.
    PW: Could you take them in a dance off?
    ZH: Yes. I accept.
    PW: You’d accept their challenge?
    ZH: I’ll take all three of them on.
    PW: Alright. Let it go on record. I want to see it. I want video rights to that.
    ZH: I want to see it, too. Like I said, I don’t know any about those dance moves, but I will learn. Is it in Jamaica they do the battle dancing?
    PW: I’m not sure. I’ve usually just seen it in movies with breakdance battles.
    ZH: I will breakstep and battle and it will be crazy.

    [ PopWreckoning]

    Nick Jonas Dreams of Being President

    AUG 25TH

    Teen pop star Nick Jonas, taking a break from touring with his brothers to raise awareness of juvenile diabetes, said he dreams about being U.S. president and may study political science in college.

    "Probably chocolate cake," he joked.


    JB & HS @ Much Music - August 30

    AUG 25TH

      Alright Jo-Bros fans, are you ready for it?

    [Much Music]

    Jonas Brothers Rock Rupp Arena

    AUG 25TH

    "Give the people what they want" is a time-honored show-business slogan, and it certainly held true as the Jonas Brothers played to 18,500 screaming, screeching, squealing fans in Rupp Arena on Sunday night.


    Nick Jonas Visits Washington DC Again!

    AUG 25TH

    Team Jonas doesn't often get to post an article from U.S. News and World Report...;)
    While Joe was off in Texas judging American Idol auditions, Nick headed back to DC on Monday.

    "Pop superstar Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers hinted that he wouldn't mind spending a lot more time in Washington: "I always had this dream that I would become president one day," he said to a chorus of giggles coming from the dozens of tween girls who came to see him speak at the National Press Club today, "2040 to be exact." And who could blame him? The 16-year-old has gotten a pretty fabulous tour of Washington thus far. First, over inauguration, the Jonas Brothers were invited to play a private acoustic set at the White House for Sasha and Malia Obama and friends. Then, Nick Jonas was invited in June to testify before Congress on type 1 diabetes alongside actress Mary Tyler Moore, a longtime advocate for people with juvenile diabetes. "I was a little nervous when I spoke," he admitted. "But it was great to see that it went over well." He returned today as one of the youngest speakers ever to talk from the Press Club podium and again described what it's like to live with type 1 diabetes to the mostly young crowd. While diabetes was the main topic, he revealed other things, too, which got some shrieks of glee from the packed audience: He's single, he would date a fan, and while meeting President Obama was "an honor," he'd rather have dinner with fellow musician Elvis Costello."

    [Team Jonas]

    Nick Jonas Diabetes Conference

    AUG 24TH

    Nick Jonas today made a passionate plea to an audience of journalists at the National Press Club asking them to raise more awareness about type 1 diabetes to motivate young people like him and their families to properly manage their condition. Nick, 16, is one of the youngest guests ever invited to speak at the Club. He talked about his own journey with diabetes, the charitable efforts of the Jonas Brothers’ Change for the Children Foundation and why he embraces the role of diabetes ambassador.

    Bayer Diabetes Care

    [Bayer HJealthcare News]
    JB's Birthday Message To Demi

    AUG 22TH

    JONAS, Episode 13, "Detention"

    AUG 22TH

    Jonas Brothers Live Chat!!

    AUG 22TH

    BTW, R.S.V.P. stands for (responde-si-vou-ple) That's the pronounciation for you! I don't know how to spell it in french, but I know what it means! It means please respond/reply.
    Jonas Brothers Secret from Mandy!

    AUG 18TH

    Mandy Vanduyne, one of the Jonas Brothers' best friends, has a secret about the Jonas Brothers that nobody knows about!
    JB plays softball, has lunch at Saint Andrews In Boca

    AUG 18TH

      The Jonas Brothers, the teenage pop phenomenon, played a game of softball and had lunch with some students at Saint Andrew's School in Boca Raton on Wednesday.

    The rock group, scheduled to perform at the BankAtlantic Center Wednesday night, arrived at 11 a.m. for warm-ups with their softball team, the Road Dogs. At noon, the brothers and their team, Road Dogs, took on the Marquis Jet team in a seven-inning game at the William Clarke, Jr. Memorial Field, said Carlos Barroso, a school spokesman.

    Some students returned to school early for the private event, Barroso said.

    The game was close but the Marquis Jets pulled off a 13-12 victory. After the game, the Jonas Brothers took photos and signed autographs at a private barbecue.

    Many of the items signed for will be auctioned at the school's Auction/Dinner Dance on March 6, 2010, school officials said.

    [South Florida]


    AUG 18TH

      Joe Jonas is joining “American Idol.”

    Joe will judge in Dallas, TX, on Monday August 24.

    [Access Hollywood]

    Exciting stuff, huh? Can't for that episode!

    LOL- This is just a joke everybody!! :D Laugh Out Loud...

    AUG 18TH

      It gave me a good laugh. :)


    J'accuse, Jonases. J'accuse.

    [E! Online]

    New Orleans Interview

    AUG 17TH

    Rolling Stones Jonas Brothers Special Edition Magazine

    AUG 17TH

      I got this magazine!! :D Amazing Interviews. Will scan those soon... - C 4rm JBFZ


    Jonas Brothers Set For 2 Sun Mohegan Stadium

    AUG 17TH

      Grammy-nominated and platinum-selling recording artists Jonas Brothers will be performing two concerts live at Mohegan Sun Arena on Oct. 10. The first show begins at 3 p.m. and the second begins at 7:30 p.m.

    Tickets are $92 and $82 and go on sale Saturday at 10 a.m. through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster customers may log on to; call Ticketmaster's national toll free Charge by Phone number (800) 745.3000; or visit any Ticketmaster outlet. Tickets will also be available at the Mohegan Sun box office starting Sunday, subject to availability.

    [Norwich Bulletin]

    New MySpace Blog

    AUG 16TH

    Hey everyone!

    THEN tomorrow is JOE’S BIRTHDAY and our parents’ anniversary.

    Big week!!!!

    Hope you are able to see Frankie and hear HS.


    Kevin, Joe and Nick

    [Jonas Brothers' MySpace Blog]

    New Live Chat Coming Up!!

    AUG 16TH

    Host: Jonas Brothers
    Type: Music/Arts – Performance
    Network: Global
    Date: Saturday, August 22, 2009
    Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
    Location: FACEBOOK

    Make sure you RSVP to the event on Facebook to watch and participate in the live chat.

    JONAS, Episode 12, "Frantic Romantic"

    AUG 16TH

    For those of you who don't have cable, here it is!!
    Jonas Brothers Presided Over Scream-A-Thon @ New Orleans

    AUG 16TH



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  • The Jonas Brothers' ascent has been remarkably swift and steep, even by the formidable standards of Disney's starmaking machine. On Nov. 30, 2007, the brothers -- Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas -- performed two sold-out shows at the New Orleans House of Blues. Total ticket sales? Around 2,000.

    But I'm not inclined to bet against the Jonas Brothers.

    The Jonas Brothers had already moved on.




    AUG 15TH

    It's A Joke, Everybody!! (Ha...Hah?)

    AUG 15TH

      "Walt Disney's Air Linux
    Nothing in the rule books says a penguin can't play basketball!"

    [Rooftop Comedy]

    Miley Cyrus's Brother Talks Smack About the Jonas Brothers

    AUG 15TH

      Don't look for Miley Cyrus's big brother Trace to join a boy band anytime soon.

    "I'm not trying to clean my image to make anyone happy," the pierced and tattooed singer/guitarist for the rock group Metro Station tells
    Details. "I could have gone the route of the Jonas Bros. Those guys can't live their lives freely. They have to put out this image that's totally fake."

    And if the Jonas Bros. don't like what he says? Tough. Cyrus, 20, says he could take them all in a fight, though he'd back off on his sister's ex-boyfriend Nick.

    "I don't think any of them would be much trouble," says Cyrus. "I'd never lay a hand on Nick – I love that kid – but the other two better not get in my way."


    (JoBros + Demi + Selena + Miley) Are the World

    AUG 15TH

      No need to pinch yourselves, tweeners. You're not dreaming.

    [E! Online]

    JONAS Karaoke Surprise!!

    AUG 13TH

      Kevin and Nick Jonas try to help Joe get untangled from a mic cord in this new still from JONAS.

    [Just Jared Jr.]
    JONAS: Home Alone?!

    AUG 13TH

      The Jonas Brothers band together as they glance at “Daddy’s Big List of Don’ts” in this new still from JONAS.

    [Just Jared Jr.]
    Send It On (Official Music Video)

    AUG 13TH

    I think this video is so cute. And Kevin Sings in this song! I won't be putting the download of this song because it's already on iTunes.
    If you missed the TCAs

    AUG 11TH

    Here are all the videos in order!!
    Much Better (Live At the TCAs)

    AUG 10TH

    Sneak Peek of Episode 12!! ("

    AUG 10TH

    JONAS Episode 11 "Three Musketeers"

    AUG 10TH

    Miley Cyrus Offers Jonas Brothers Teen Choice Awards Hosting Advice

    AUG 10TH

    Miley Cyrus, last year's Teen Choice Awards host, is a little jealous of the Jonas Brothers. She isn't bummed that she won't be able to host the show alongside her on-again, off-again boyfriend Nick Jonas; she just thinks this year's hosts have a big advantage over her hosting gig.

    [MTV News]

    Zefron Thinks the Jonas Brothers are AWESOME!!!

    AUG 10TH

    Lately, Zac Efron has been distancing himself from the Magic Kingdom to tackle more serious roles. But the Disney Channel alumnus still admires fellow Mouseketeers the Jonas Brothers, who hosted this year's Teen Choice Awards (airing Monday, August 10, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox).

    "They're awesome, dude," Efron told MTV News at the Teen Choice red carpet in Universal City, California, on Sunday. "I think the Jonas Brothers are gonna be fantastic hosts. They're charismatic and funny and great guys. I'm happy for them."

    Efron, who rocked a plaid top, jeans and All-Stars, was also happy by the relaxed looks and attitudes that everyone in attendance seemed to have. Of course, as Efron pointed out, it may have been too warm for people to really get too dressed up for the event anyway.

    "Well, it's always incredibly hot on the red carpet, which is nice, 'cause people dress down," he said about the yearly ceremony. "[You] get to see people's real style. It's not all suits and ties."

    Efron, who later lost Choice Hottie Male to Robert Pattinson, wouldn't say who he thought was the hottest lady on the red carpet. Though he's dating Choice Hottie Female nominee Vanessa Hudgens (who lost to Megan Fox), he didn't play favorites. "I haven't really talked to anybody yet," Efron said vaguely.


    Live From the Teen Choice Awards

    AUG 9TH



    Jonas Brothers Apologize For Ruining Weddings

    AUG 9TH

      As the Jonas Brothers still work out who will be Kevin's best man at his wedding to Danielle Deleasa they want to apologize to all the wedding parties at all the hotels they've stayed at that have been ruined thanks to the overzealous fans who bombard them.

    "We've had a couple instances where there's been weddings going on during the time we were at the hotel," Kevin said on "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien" on Thursday night. "We've had brides like, 'You've ruined my wedding.' "

    "There's 100 to 1200 fans who show up, and the bride, her wedding's just ruined," Nick added. "Just screaming fans the whole time. ... And we've actually sent apology gifts to the bride and the groom."

    While the JoBros may be unintentionally ruining some couples' big day, there are fans who make a point of ruin the guys' days for no reason at all. O'Brien asked if it's ever awkward when fans come up one of them to say he's not their favorite Jonas Brother. The answer is quite obviously, yes.

    "I've had that experience happen to me before," Kevin said. Joe, patting his brother on the back and mumbling that he loves him, recalled one particular fan who expressed her preference with a sign. "There was a [fan] sign that said, 'Nick, you're hot. Joe, you're cute. Kevin, you're OK.' "

    Kevin, being the good-natured older brother that he is, added that he would have really have liked to tell the fan, "And I just want thank you for this. That just brightened my day to another level. I took a picture; it encouraged me to get up the next morning."

    The boys also talked about the people who show up to their concerts just to make it known that they don't like their music. "There are some people who come to the concert to show they don't like you," Joe said. "They'll come, and they'll just sit there."

    Despite whatever strange behavior some fans may exhibit when around JoBros, Nick is quick to point out that for the most part, their fans are pretty awesome. "It's fun, and what's more amazing than that is just the fact that the fans are showing up and singing the new songs and being apart of it all," he said. "It's such an amazing thing."


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